As one of the leaders in the manufacture of instant drinks in Spain and with a strong presence in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and now  the United States, our commitment is not only to offer honest instant drinks of the highest quality for the whole family, but to constantly innovate and adapt them to the demands, preferences and needs of our vending, dispensing, OCS, HORECA and final public clients. Thanks to our leading facilities in food safety and our staff, in continuous training and with more than 15 years of experiences, we have enough flexibility to respond to these demands quickly, reliably and innovatively.


At Laqtia we want the coffee break to become an experience for the consumer to enjoy with all the senses, but also to help our customers obtain benefits. That is why we constantly apply the latest technologies and innovation not only to improve our range of products and customize them to each country, but to improve their performance and functionality and optimize our customers’ costs.


Laqtia USA was born when two multi-generational family businesses joined forces to bring Laqtia’s clean-label powders to the coffee service industry in the United States.  Good as Gold Coffee was recently named the national importer and distributor of these game-changing products because of their proven history in air-roasting quality coffees and providing exceptional customer service to their coffee service clients across the country for five decades. The two companies share common values toward quality, service, and a responsibility to our business partners to ensure their success. Laqtia’s motto is that they are a family of workers who work every day to offer the best products to their clients, whom they consider a part of their great family. For this reason, they only offer quality products in fair conditions: the products that we would like our own family to enjoy.